Want to Exit Your Timeshare Ownership? Here’s How Timeshare Compliance Can Help You

Do you own a timeshare property that you no longer want? There are a few simple but practical reasons for you to sell your timeshare ownership. Some people find that the timeshare is no longer a good fit when their goals and way of life change. Others found that their timeshare could have been a better travel arrangement. Whatever your reason to exit the timeshare may be, you should know the procedure before exiting your ownership. 

What Is Timeshare Compliance?

Timeshare Compliance is a reliable timeshare cancellation firm that can help you to exit your ownership. The company has been operating since 2012 and is based out of Irvine, California. Also, it is counted among the top timeshare exit companies for offering an Escrow payment option. In addition, the company has link-ups with finance companies and reputed attorneys and has Spanish-speaking agents, making them ideal for a timeshare cancellation. 

But that does not prove that it’s a reliable company; let’s dive deep to learn more about Timeshare Compliance. 

Is Timeshare Compliance a Legit Company? 

Now you must be thinking – Is Timeshare Compliance a legit company to avail of timeshare exit services from? Several customer reviews and client testimonials are available on the company’s website. Also, the majority of them are positive. Even the negative reviews do not depict that they faced with any fraud from the company’s side. 

In addition, Timeshare Compliance provides an escrow payment service as well. Escrow payment services mean the company will get the payment once it successfully takes you out of your timeshare ownership. So, there is no scope for the company to run any fraudulent plan. 

Here’s How Timeshare Compliance Can Help You Exit the Contract 

At timeshare closing services, putting an end to the ownership is intended to be as simple and easy as possible. The company works diligently to deliver the desired results, even though closing a sale and cancelling your ownership can take time. Below, learn more about completing a timeshare sale. 

Phase – 1: Ownership Verification and Detail Confirmation 

Either the buyer or seller will call Timeshare Closing Services to complete the timeshare sale. The experts of Timeshare Compliance will ask for the agreed-upon deposit of funds to cover any fees and cancellation costs once we have confirmed the specifics of the transaction. These funds will be retained in our closing trust account. A copy of the seller’s deed or membership certificate will then be sent to the company. Those experts will then verify the seller’s account information with the resort to ensure accuracy

Phase – 2: Preparation of Documents and Escrow 

When the Timeshare Compliance has all the materials it wants and has affirmed your record status, the company will set up all fundamental exchange archives. All parties involved in the timeshare exit process will receive these documents with specific instructions on completing them. As their team looks over the papers, the buyer’s money is safe in the escrow account. According to the buyer’s closing statement, the remaining funds would be requested from the buyer after all documents have been completed and returned. 

Phase – 3: Exit Your Timeshare Membership 

The deed is sent to the appropriate county and state recording department, after checking if the timeshare exit documents are accurate and error-free. All documents are sent to the resort for final processing if the property is not deeded. The experts of Timeshare Compliance will notify the resort of your timeshare exit request. 

If the resort accepts to take it back, well and good. If it does not agree, Timeshare Compliance will present your case in court to help you exit the ownership. The closing, ownership exit, and release of escrow funds to the Timeshare Compliance are completed once that procedure is finished and your ownership is canceled. 

A Final Note 

Timeshare Compliance is among the top timeshare exit companies that specialize in helping clients seeking an escape from their ownership. In addition to tremendous expertise, the timeshare cancellation experts working with Timeshare Compliance have decades of experience. So, if you want to exit your timeshare ownership, contacting Timeshare Compliance is an ideal decision to make. 

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